Former Clients, Consisting of: Lindor, Climavent Construct, Shell, IJ Container, Pharma Mar, Heatworks, Basrah Gas Company, Danone, AkzoNobel and BP

Explosion Proof HVAC

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Explosion Proof WIFI

Explosion Proof WIFI system, links to wifi section

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Custom Machinery

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Specialist in ATEX Equipment

Ex-Machinery is specialized in manufacturing industrial, certified explosion proof HVAC equipment and Wi-Fi systems.

Our company has over fifteen years of ATEX experience and knowledge at its disposal. This allows us to take our service one step further; we offer expert advice to help gain insight into your explosion safety request. When working with us you will find the best ATEX HVAC or ATEX Wi-Fi solution

When you require a special ATEX solution, we are able to modify almost any non-ATEX device into an explosion proof version.

We look forward to ensuring explosion safety in your hazardous, gas or dust, potentially explosive zones.

Contact us now to get your quick quote or expert advice, within 24 hours.