QHSE Policy Ex-Machinery Explosion Proof Equipment B.V.

The board of Ex-Machinery Explosion Proof Equipment B.V. in Ridderkerk considers it her duty to realise all her activities, products and services with well-educated personnel and the best suited materials, tools and assets. And finally, to conform to the established and self-evident demands and wishes of instructing parties and clients.


The policy is focussed on having employees take part in the working process in the healthiest and safest way, furthering the general well-being of employees and harming the environment as little as possible. The above also implies the safety and health of third parties. Naturally, relating laws and regulations are complied with.


The board is well aware that hereby not only the interests of employees and employer, but also those of clients, are served. Indeed, the above stated objectives directly and indirectly cause a more efficient organisation, prevent material damage and bodily injury and reduce expenses. The recruiting, educating and informing of our own employees and purchase of high-quality goods from trustworthy thirds ensure that the quality of our products and services are secured and will be improved upon.


For one thing the board will take initiatives to improve quality, safety, health and the environment. On the other hand, the board will invoke its employees to participate in these matters. This is an ongoing process.

All employees are required to endorse the board’s objectives. All employees are expected to do their duties in accordance with the QHSE-regulations of the company. In addition, everyone is expected to alert fellow workers who work in an unsafe or unhealthy manner. To continually guard and improve upon this, a QHSE-functionary has been appointed.


By means of incident registration and measurements, the company attempts to continuously augment customer satisfaction.


The board yearly examines its quality, working conditions and environment policies during the management review.

In order to ensure continuity now and in the future, we strive to grow our enterprise with preservation of positive results.


For the above a care system has been set up. This system is periodically tested by external, independent certified institutions according to the prevailing versions of the norm: NEN-EN-ISO 9001.

Composed and updated on behalf of the board, Ridderkerk,
20 August 2021

G.A. van Tienhoven, Director