ATEX Fan Coil Ex Heater – Zone 2/22


The ATEX Fan Coil Ex Heater, part of the WWH Ex-series, offers a robust and reliable heating solution for hazardous areas. Its explosion proof design complies with ATEX zone 2 and 2 2 requirements, making the unit suitable for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. The epoxy coating corrosion protection makes the WWH Ex-series ideal for harsh environments.

The ATEX conversion is done in-house by our ATEX experts, in Ridderkerk, The Netherlands.

Key Benefits:

Efficient air circulation for comfortable temperature.

Flexible air discharge options.

Available in 9 capacities, ensuring a fit for various needs.

Easy operation and long lifespan.


Explosion Proof Heater Specifications:

Types: WWH-Ex 110 to WWH-Ex 380

Capacity: Ranging from 11.4 kW to 72.1 kW

Air flow: 1200 m3/h to 8200 m3/h

Voltage: 230 V

Electrical Power: 110 W to 730 W



Ideal for the food industry, oil & gas, chemical plants, and the plastics industry.



  • Intrinsically safe room thermostat.
  • 5 step fan regulator cabinet (2.2 amp – 15 amp).
  • 4 or 6 way down flow plenum
  • Various downflow plenums and switches.
  • Cabling between cabinet and heater

Discharge and mounting possibilities:
Standard grill 4-way plenum
Delivery including:
6-way plenum
ceiling mount wall mount


ATEX certified for ATEX Zones 2 and 22, for equipment category 3G/3D.


Available types and configurations


TypeATEX ZoneCapacity*Air flow m3/hVoltageElectrical power
WWH-Ex 1102/2211.4 kW1,200230 V110 W
WWH-Ex 1152/2214.9 kW1,900230 V170 W
WWH-Ex 1202/2217.6 kW1,500230 V170 W
WWH-Ex 2302/2225.2 kW2,800230 V165 W
WWH-Ex 2352/2232.2 kW4,300230 V365 W
WWH-Ex 2452/2242.7 kW3,800230 V365 W
WWH-Ex 3502/2247.0 kW5,400230 V540 W
WWH-Ex 3652/2259.3 kW8,200230 V730 W
WWH-Ex 3802/2272.1 kW6,300230 V730 W


*Other capacities upon request