Explosion Proof Reefer Unit

  • For use in ATEX Zone 2 environments – such as:
    Oil&Gas, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, etc.
  • Based on the most capable reeferunit in international
    container shipping: the Thermo King Magnum Plus.
  • Able to maintain -40°C box temperature @ +50°C
    ambient temperature
  • High efficiency, low power usage allowing cost savings.
  • Intuitive operation, user-friendly, efficient visualization of
    all data.
  • High precision of temperature control, upto +/- 0.25°C

II 3G Ex h ec nA nR IIB T2/T3 GC


Best of both Worlds: Ex-Machinery’s Magnum Plus for use in ATEX Zone 2

Thermo King Magnum-Plus reefer units are already preferred by many end-users in the Oil&Gas, Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Marine industry. They are widely accepted as the most powerful, reliable and efficient reefer units currently on the market and are now also available for safe use in hazardous areas prone to Gas or Dust explosive atmospheres.

The Ex-M Magnum-Plus offers temperature control with high precision, upto +/- 0.25°C. Combined with the broad setpoint range of -40° upto +30°C, this ensures your goods and substances remain in optimal condition. The Ex-M Magnum-Plus offers all state-of-the-art functionality found in Thermo King’s original product, including the famed easy and intuitive operation. The status of the reefer unit, indicated by smiley faces on the display, can still be viewed at a glance even though the display is now locked behind an impact-proof door.


Why should I choose the Ex-M Thermo King Magnum Plus?

  • All Magnum Plus functionality has been preserved in the Hazardous Area Design
  • Leadtime 5-8 weeks; international shipping
  • Thermo King approves and collaborates with Ex-Machinery and K.C. Trading to offer the Zone 2 solution

ATEX Specifications of Ex Reefer

EU Directive 2014/34/EU (ATEX 114)
ATEX marking gas (inside reefer) II 3G Ex h ec nA nR IIB T2/T3 GC
ATEX marking gas (outside reefer) II 3G Ex h ec nA nR IIB T2/T3 GC
Applied standards EN 60079-0, EN 60079-15, EN 60079-31, EN 80079-36, EN 80079-37

System net cooling capacity – Full cool

Magnum+ Model – Air Cooled Condensing*

Return air to
evaporator coil inlet
460/230V, 3 Phase, 60 Hz Power
Net Cooling Capacity Power Consumption
60 Hz Capacity B/hr 60 Hz Capacity kW 60 Hz Power kW
21.1 C (70 F) 56,700 16.603 11.55
1.7 C (35 F) 40,945 11.990 11.03
-17.8 C (0 F) 24,785 7.258 7.57
-29 C (-20 F) 17,215 5.041 6.6
-35 C (-31 F) 14,000 4.104 6.03

Control Circuit Voltage 29 VAC @ 60 Hz
Weight (net) Magnum+ Base Unit 380 Kg (875 lb.)
Setpoint range -40.0 to +30.0 C (-31.0 to +86.0 F)

* System net cooling capacity with a 38°C (100 F) ambient air temperature and R-404A