Abstract presentation Hazardex 2018

This paper focuses on the use of sensors to monitor the technical state of various types of equipment by means of LoRa Wan technology. LoRa is short for ‘Long Range’. It explains how this technology can reduce maintenance costs thanks to preventive maintenance.

We present the results of a small study amongst end users on the opportunities of using this technology. The result shows examples like monitoring the technical state of a pump by means of the vibration level. Other examples are temperatures of bearings, leakage detection, etc. We want to encourage interaction with the attendees during the presentation.

The paper will present LoRa as an international standard for wide area networks IoT. It will discuss how the technology works and how it can be applied. Due to the low amount of RF energy involved, this technology that can be used effectively in hazardous areas without causing risks of ignition. Because LoRa technology requires low power it can be battery powered, allowing field installation without the use of wires.

LoRa technology is node-hub technology. As a result, a few hundred sensors on a large plant can be easily connected to one hub. The readings of the sensors can be monitored via internet based systems. Communication via internet is encrypted for optimal security. Due to this design and to the partners involved with the encryption, LoRa is a high performing system when it comes to cyber security.

The presentation focuses mainly on the applications and opportunities of LoRa in the oil and gas industries and less on the IT-technology.

Presentation by Gido van Tienhoven, ATEX specialist of Ex-Machinery. Hazardex 2018 Conference and Exhibition, 28th of Februari 2018, Runcorn, Cheshire, UK.